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Department of Archaeology and Heritage

Year of Establishment



Enhance excellence in training aspects ofTanzania  and World cultural heritage resources


PromotingTanzania’s Cultural Heritage Resources and Training for Professionals

Number of academic staff


Degree Program(s) offered

-BA. Archaeology

-BA. Heritage Management

-MA. Archaeology

-MA. Heritage Management

-PhD. (Archaeology) by thesis

-PhD. (Heritage Management) by thesis

Levels of degree e.g. BA, MA

2 BA, 2 MA & 2 PhD

Sample of the courses offered

-Museum Studies

-Global ancient civilization

-Conservation and management of heritage resources

Entrance requirements

-For Bachelor degree one needs either an advanced certificate for secondary education examination (ACSEE) specializing in HGL, HGK, HKL, HGE, PGM and PCB or diploma in heritage related studies

-For MAs one needs a good bachelor degree in any humanity or social science discipline but which shares something with archaeology and or heritage

-For PhD. one needs a good master’s degree in the social sciences and humanities but with some background in archaeology and or heritage

No. of students needed for enrollment for each program

-60 for BA. Archaeology

-60 for BA. Heritage Management

-15 for MA. Archaeology

-15 for MA. Heritage Management

-05 for PhD. Archaeology

-05 for PhD. Heritage Management

Career opportunities

Cultural Officers, Heritage Managers, Archaeologists, Museologists, Academicians, researchers, consultants, environmental Officers, Curators, Zooarchaeologists, Palaeontologists, Archaeobotanists etc

Collaboration with other institutes/departments

National Museums of TZ, Department of Antiquities, Ministry of Natural Resources & Tourism, Directorate of Antiquities, Museums & Archives (DAMA) – Zanzibar, Various Universities from around TZ and the world.

Department’s projects that in a way benefit students






































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